The opening of the door of madness was unintentional, but the damage was done.  The putrification of his mind had begun and the struggle to regain clarity and the sense for which had once driven him would either make him stronger or destroy his soul in the process.  He had slowly ascended within the reaches of his inner being towards the purpose for which he was made.  The fog seemed to be clearing and within his sight over the next hilltop was what he had searched for over the past few years.  A sense of purpose, his calling, the merging of his talents gifts and desires with the concrete reality of the physical world.  He’d no longer live in the abstract recesses of his mind searching for light in the darkness.  It was finally within his grasp.  That’s when the storm clouds appeared on the horizon.  The thunder roared and the first few strikes of lightning illuminated the creeping darkness.  It all started with a phone call…..”Look, Tony, I can’t handle mom anymore.  I can’t care for her by myself.  I need help.”

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  1. Thank you. I have written off and on for years, but have only recently in the past few months decided to actually focus, complete stories I start, and share with others.

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