I awoke this morning pleased it was Friday. Having had a tough week I felt glad it was finally at an end, for my plans and goals had not been accomplished. I was disappointed. But then as I reflected on all which had transpired, my disappointment turned into thankfulness. Had I not awoke to reflect on the week? There are some who will not have the opportunity of reflection, for yesterday was their last. Was I not preparing to ready myself for a job, which some are still searching for? Was not there shelter above my head, while others remain on the streets? I struggle to think of what I will have for breakfast, while some wonder when they will have their next meal. As these thoughts fell upon me, I realized I need to be more thankful. I am truly blessed, yet I often take it for granted. I have eyes to see the majesty of the Lord’s creation, and ears to hear the birds as they sing in the morning. I have my health, a job, and a loving family around me. I have vehicles which provide me transportation. I do not lack food or clothing. I live in a country which allows me freedom to express my opinions openly. My list goes on, and I now look forward to this day. Thank you Lord, and forgive me for not really appreciating all I have. So now I ask, any who may read this…..what are you thankful for? .

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