My Wasteland

I feel my lack of skills in proper grammar is quite apparent, but sometimes I just need to write and clear the fog in my head   Besides I am at work, and any corrections can be done later.


 I am in my own nightmare
a desolate wasteland of my own making
hope is waning
and my mind betrays
as my thoughts are misled
confusion reigns
once my path was clear
now it is hidden
sorrow of neglected years
time laughs
there is no going back
forward into blackness
I stumble
the past haunts
and I seek escape
but my mind is weary
by body drained
rest for a moment
I may not get back up
so easy to quit
but I will not
for light shall breach the dark
I will see again
and forge a new path
into a future unknown
dry my tears
and stand tall
if but for a moment
hope glimmers
yet it is enough
to press forward
but what of tomorrow
when all seems lost once again
I cannot think of the next day
for it is all I can do today
to stand tall
in this desolate wasteland
a nightmare of my own making.

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  1. very nice.. i like it, especially the part about light breaching the darkness.. that’s exactly what i need right now. a bit of light in my darkness filled life..

    1. We are not alone in the dark,
      many a soul traverse these ways,
      but oft times our outlook is stark,
      with little hope for brighter days.
      Yet if we pause for a moment,
      realize the dusk will break the night,
      and although it may seem distant,
      each day anew brings back the light.

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