0 thoughts on “Haiku #51”

    1. throw them overboard…just kidding. Honestly I don’t know. I feel sometimes those closest to each other have never really got in the boat together, and put their hope in each other. They leave one foot on the shore, or make sure they have a life vest if they need to get out. They always leave an escape route open, so if they need to bail they can, and not have to go down with the ship. When you make a true decision to do something, you put off those things which can be a detriment to really following through with the decision. It’s easier said then done. Who really wants to put all their eggs in one basket or burn their bridges of escape? What if your partner doesn’t do the same? Well then you’re up the creek without a paddle. That is why it is so difficult, it requires a sacrificing trust that so many of us are unable to comprehend. And it requires BOTH people to TRULY commit. Unfortunately we know this doesn’t happen often, so it is a perpetual cycle of mistrust, caution, etc. Sorry to babble, but those are just some of my thoughts, and opinions. Have a great day!

      1. lol.. i appreciate your babbling!! :-D.. and i believe you are very right, most of the times relationships dont work because one of the people is not all in, thats exactly how i feel right now, im not sure if its particularly true, but its how i feel, that im the only one who is all in and the other party is just partly in.. i hate it.. thanx for your advice.. :-).. have a great day as well.. 🙂

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