Hush No More

My attempt at a sonnet for short story/poetry slam week 6…

Long ago in the quiet land of Hush,
where not a loud word was ever spoken,
there lived a white dog with hair soft and plush,
not allowed to bark, he was heart broken.
Till he met an elephant with trunk packed.
The dog whispered, “Where sir are you headed?”
“To the land of Yell, where noise is not lacked.
For this land of Hush I’ve always dreaded.”
The dog yipped in glee, oops too loud perhaps,
then lowered his voice, “May I go with you?”
“Of course little dog, but there are no maps,
so this journey is much better with two.”
Then off they went, and slowly as night fell,
they left Hush for the noisy land of Yell.

Written for Children’s Literature prompt Short Story Slam Week 6-Children’s Literature

0 thoughts on “Hush No More”

    1. It’s not really a competition, but more of a place for a poets/writers to get together and share work. They give you a prompt and you try to write something based on that prompt. You should read the second part of the story also. I’m putting it on a new page listed up top.

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