0 thoughts on “Haiku #133”

  1. ‘lightning splits the dark’ -this line caught my imagination. For myself, not so much as what it says as what it doesn’t . Splits the dark as if a sharp stainless steel knife blade through black silk. Reminiscent of a scene from a thriller movie. Or. Splits the dark as an axe exploding through kindling. With a mighty force that produce a cracking sound as fibres rip and tear apart.
    At one time I enjoyed such shows in the sky. Then I had a run with lightning of the up close and an extremely personal kind. Of late, my interesting is returning and watched in awe a couple of dandy’s this past summer.

    1. Exactly what was in my mind. The reference to black silk, a black veil of sorts being ripped in half. I love to marvel at a good storm.

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