Haiku Blitz Over?

I think perhaps I’ve come to the end of my haiku blitz.  I know I planned on writing for a year straight, but the main intent of writing the haikus was to get me actually writing again.  Well I think I’ve accomplished that task.  Besides I’ve already written 165 Haikus not counting the ones I wrote before I even started this project.  And quite frankly, I’m a bit tired and bored of writing haikus at this point.  My time is filled with family, work, and kids.  I’m a bit limited on spare time, and there are other projects I’d rather focus on.  I know, a haiku is only 3 lines, how much time could it possibly take?  Well for me sometimes it seems to take forever, and when I’m done I don’t really have the spare time or feel like writing anything else.  I enjoy writing again, and this is what counts to me.  I do this for fun, and the fun part has worn thin on the haikus.  So for now I plan on ending this blitz.  Time to finish some short stories I started but never got back to, and work on some other forms of poetry.  I do appreciate everyone who has taken the time to read my haikus!

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  1. Glad I got in on the ride while it lasted. And I so understand where your coming from and maybe, just ever so slightly where it is you want to go. Hats off to you!……………Sayounara Haiku Blitz

  2. Fantastic….what a wonderful project. Why not put all your Haikus into a book, with illustrations to go with them? Just a suggestion. 🙂

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