Morning coffee and thoughts

Something soothing about getting up early in the morning for a fresh cup of coffee. Still dark and cool outside. The rest of the house is dead silent, save the hum of the refrigerator. I haven’t been up this early in quite a while. Up this morning at 4:30. It’s only 30 minutes prior to my usual wake up time, but the extra 30 minutes gives me a little time to reflect on my upcoming day, and to spend a little time writing. I’ve found that as well intentioned as I may be, writing in the afternoon just doesn’t work with me. After work, it’s family time. Once family time is over, I’m too tired to think about writing. I’ve come to abhor going into my home office and using my desktop, so this new laptop is a welcome addition. I’m no longer confined to my home office. So I’m hopeful this will become a habit, and I can continue to wake up every morning a little earlier so I can spend time writing. 


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