I Miss You


Each day is a struggle
trying to maintain my sanity
in a world that doesn’t make sense
losing a loved one
but going on
my thoughts are cluttered
and my head is foggy
i must stay busy and keep going
but sometimes i focus too much
and slow down for a second
i lose control
a flashback to that awful day
when my world imploded
and i had to say goodbye
a son gone
a home broken
i do my best to take a step
towards the future
and not the cliff
but the abyss calls
and i want to give up
my tears will not stop
and all is a blur
but others call my name
and i realize that they remain
they need a dad
and a husband
they help dry my tears
redirect my path
the pain is so deep
so strong
their hugs ease the grief
help me subdue my thoughts
i am able to continue
at least for another day


Hmmmm….seems like it’s time to clear out the cobwebs in my head. I’ve tried to sit down and write, but keep coming up empty. Not sure where all the ideas went, but I can’t quite seem to focus. The most writing I’ve done is in my journal, but that’s easy. Writing about what’s happening in my life I can do, but coming up with creative ideas has been a struggle. I’ve tried turning my daily life into some type of story, but still nothing.

Anyone out there with some ideas, to help spark my creativity? I’d like to attempt the NaNOWriMo this November, but that’ll be a huge struggle at this point.