Creations of my Mind…

the habitable creations of my mind,
unchecked thoughts with blind vision i doth create;
my reality done left behind,
power of the abstract cometh forth to permeate.
unseen worlds and new treasures to seek,
bold imaginations to give life;
the unbridaled fury of dreams does leak, 
slicing through chaos and strife.
light has pierced the covering of the cloud,
step aside as the planter of worlds is freed;
nakedness covered by the tattered shroud,
hideth the hand which drop the seed.
the blossom come forth from the withering death,
the barren desolate landscape;
which put forth the cold and chilling breath,
cannot forsake new ideas to shape.
has not before so long ago,
been time of rebirth within the battered soul?
as once was when the spirit did flow,
cometh again after life’s high toll.