Haiku Blitz-Year 1

The Haiku Blitz has come to an end.  I decided to move on as I accomplished my main goal, which was pushing though my writing block.  Not to mention I was starting to go crazy writing so many haikus!

In an effort to write everyday, I plan on writing at the minimum one Haiku a
day.  I will continue to work on other poetry, and some of the short stories I
have been writing, but if I don’t get around to those then I will at least post
on Haiku every day for the next year.

There are days when I am extremely
busy with work, or just don’t feel like writing.  And then there are times when
I sit down to write and cannot seem to get my thoughts to flow to the paper.  I
am hopeful this year long experiment will help me be a little more consistent in

Project start date:  May 29, 2011

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