Hush No More

Hush No More

My attempt at a sonnet for short story/poetry slam week 6…

Long ago in the quiet land of Hush,
where not a loud word was ever spoken,
there lived a white dog with hair soft and plush,
not allowed to bark, he was heart broken.
Till he met an elephant with trunk packed.
The dog whispered, “Where sir are you headed?”
“To the land of Yell, where noise is not lacked.
For this land of Hush I’ve always dreaded.”
The dog yipped in glee, oops too loud perhaps,
then lowered his voice, “May I go with you?”
“Of course little dog, but there are no maps,
so this journey is much better with two.”
Then off they went, and slowly as night fell,
they left Hush for the noisy land of Yell.

Written for Children’s Literature prompt Short Story Slam Week 6-Children’s Literature

Monkey Makes Three

This sonnet is the second part to Hush No More.

This second sonnet was going to be a follow up story using a subsequent prompt on the same site (second prompt), however, I got distracted (work, life, blah blah blah) and am now just finishing the sonnet.

Dog and elephant with no map to Yell,
Sought out, in the hot jungle, wise monkey.
Dog barked, “Wise monkey, where is Yell, please tell.”
Banana in hand, monkey spoke softly,
“You must walk down the beach of sandy toes,
And through the coconut trees of great shade.
After this it’s a path which no one knows.
So can I go with you?  I’m not afraid.”
Dog and elephant both replied with “Yes.”
Monkey smiled and clapped then swung to the ground.
Past beach and trees they traveled with no rest,
‘Til at last up ahead there came a sound.
Was it music they heard?  They could not tell,
Had they finally reached the land of Yell?

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