Awaken by my thoughts….

Sometimes you just can’t sleep, and tonight is one of those nights.  Seems like a good time for writing some poetry.  If I can empty some of the thoughts in my head then maybe I’ll get some rest…

small quiet cafe
the smell of fresh brewed coffee
stimulates my thoughts
and awakes the world in me
trying to escape my mind


sleepless night again
still haunted by the voices
disturbing my peace
echoing within my soul
I long for sleep’s sweet escape


the night is quiet
something eerie is out there
hiding in the dark


gently the moon sits
like a pearl in the night sky
soothing is its glow

Tanka and Haiku

I recently read another blogger’s writings and was impressed with their poetic abilities.  I also took note of the various forms of poetry they created.  Many of which I was unfamiliar with, which isn’t odd considering I have only worked in a couple of forms.  So I am making an effort to expand into other forms of poetry.  The first one below is my rough attempt at a Tanka, and the second one is another Haiku.

Lost deep in my thoughts,
In search of inspiration,
I pick up my pen,
And transfer the images,
To the paper before me.

Always she loved me.
I weep and place the flowers.
Rest in peace mother.

Moving slowly ahead

I seem to be getting a little more involved in my writing as of late.  I enjoy poetry and writing haikus, and I’m working on another sonnet.  Currently I’m also working on a short story.  The intro to the story was presented in my other post, butterfly kisses.  Now I need to be able to focus and complete the story.  My writing style is still rough, but I’m sure if I keep at it, there should be some noticeable improvements.  I’ll continue to write poetry, and do plan to expand into other poetic styles.  There are so many ideas in my head which I want to give life to by putting them in words.  I shall spend a considerable amount of time today working on my short story, and hopefully there will not be too painful of a transition as I extract the vivid images from mind and transfer them to the real world.