Poetry Month Day 6

I’ve come to the realization I won’t be doing 30 poems in 30 days, so I find time where I can and try to write when I can. So here we are on Day 6, making random observations and putting them into some type of poem. My observations included the following nouns; cars, trees, coffee, dog, people. Colors; gray, blue, green, white, yellow, black. What’s happening outside; cars driving, wind blowing, rain.

So I put these observations into a couple of haikus and a tanka.

Cars travel slowly,
gray clouds clap for attention,
rain soaks the city.

Trees sway in the blow,
green filled branches wave wildly,
people seek shelter.

Yellow dog resting,
as his owner chats away,
coffee house patrons,
warming brews and pastry treats,
forgotten storm howls outside.



Season Transition

Cold one day, then hot. Overcast, and rain. Humid. Cool breezes, then hot days. This Texas weather is crazy. Of course I’m still enjoying the transition as winter fades away, and spring sets in.

In it’s awkward stage
trying to shake big brother,
slowly spring succeeds,
as winter fades into darkness.