Haiku #7

Not too stressed today about getting my Haiku finished.  It’s done!  Had an early start to the day and a nice little break to think while I was at the shop getting a tire changed on my car.  No sense in wasting time so I sat outside, enjoyed the fresh air, observed the world around me, and this is what I came up with.

Her hair has been done,
Dyed green by water and sun,
The birds sing her praise.

Whew, one week down.  Only 51 more weeks of Haikus.  358 more Haikus. 1,074 more lines of poetry.  No problem.


Awaken by my thoughts….

Sometimes you just can’t sleep, and tonight is one of those nights.  Seems like a good time for writing some poetry.  If I can empty some of the thoughts in my head then maybe I’ll get some rest…

small quiet cafe
the smell of fresh brewed coffee
stimulates my thoughts
and awakes the world in me
trying to escape my mind


sleepless night again
still haunted by the voices
disturbing my peace
echoing within my soul
I long for sleep’s sweet escape


the night is quiet
something eerie is out there
hiding in the dark


gently the moon sits
like a pearl in the night sky
soothing is its glow

Turmoil Within

My despondency should be apparent,
No luster in my smile, pain in my eyes.
And with many of my actions I hint,
At things I’ve longed for, which have passed me by.
I acquiesce to my situation,
While mediocrity overwhelms me.
I will continue this imitation,
Disquised behind a fake smile that all see.
I desire solace within my soul,
And the healing of my poor broken heart.
Where is the peace of which I have been told,
Which renews the spirit for a fresh start?
This longing for solace and peace won’t end,
Until at last my heart can truly mend.