Welcome to my blog.  I thought I’d use this as a method to put together some of my thoughts.

I enjoy creative writing.  I seem to have so much floating around in my head, that I need to express it in one way or another.  I like reading poetry, and also trying to write my own.  My long-term goal is to write a novel, probably something in the horror genre.  My short-term goal is just to use this blog as an outlet for random thoughts, short poems, haikus, and introductory samples to short stories.

I have no specific schedule on which I plan to follow, it just happens when it happens.  You see I seem to have chronic writer’s block, and have a somewhat difficult time putting my thoughts into words.  But it’s worth trying to see if I can somehow bring my vivid imagination to the real world.  It is my intention to enter the void where most of my ideas seem to be trapped, and to bring them out to share with anyone who wishes to read them.  The more disturbing thoughts, well as for now, I think I shall leave them in the void.

12 thoughts on “About”

  1. A poem a day, I see

    Is it writer’s block or is it random sparks?

    Bring them and let them disturb our wavefronts, how injurious can they be?

    From the void eh? The net always makes me meet other loons like me :). Hope you got a good sense o’ humor otherwise I’m blacklisted. It’s a funny thing about blacklisting and void in the same paragraph: the authority figure says “you, I’ll blacklist you, you’ll disappear into the void” unwitting of the boy’s poetry of the Void 😉

    1. I do have a sense of humor and appreciate the comment. A poem a day has become a pain, even if it is only a haiku, but I must say it has kept me thinking and writing. I appreciate being read by other ‘loons’, lets me know I’m in good company.

  2. Writer’s block can be difficult. I wasn’t able to keep up with my goal of posting one story a day, now I’m lucky to do 2-3 a week. But you keep plugging along, right? I do enjoy a good haiku, and yours are.

    1. Yeah, it’s tough, and I haven’t even made it 3 months yet. Thanks for reading. I only have like 280 more haikus to go.

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